Virtual Sex As In the Best Platform for YouJuly 20, 2020July 24, 2020admin

Virtual sex once seemed exotic, but today it is a common thing for millions of couples from around the world. To whom the Wirth can approach:

  • Couples in a relationship at a distance (if you live in different cities or one of the partners often travels)
  • Those who for some reason (psychology, trauma, disability) temporarily (or not temporarily) cannot participate in the usual forms of sex
  • Couples who want to diversify sex
  • Those who want to conduct a safe test drive of an unusual practice (open relationships, try role-playing games, BDSM, experiment with gender or orientation, etc.).

How to have virtual sex?

In fact, when they talk about virtual sex, everyone presents something different – to the extent of licentiousness and creativity. Let’s understand the concepts. Prepare the grease, it will be dry. You can  click here and have the best solutions now.

Virtual sex – It is a communication in a virtual space with one or more partners, the purpose of which is the expression of sexuality.

Types of virtual sex:

  • Sexting (photo and video sharing)
  • Phone sex (or messaging audio messaging)
  • Skype Sex

Other games at a distance (power exchanges, sex quests, sex using  interactive toys, online exhibitionism (not about maniacs, but when by mutual agreement), maintaining an erotic blog, watching VR-porn or erotics together and other forms of sexual activities that occur only due to the development of information technology).

As you can see, the concept of “virtual sex” can have a variety of meanings. Of course, in order to be generally interested in distance relations, you need to have a certain personality warehouse. If you don’t think love without face-to-face conversations, regular sex and walking by the arm, and still love to live according to the plan, you are not ready to change your daily routine and always and everywhere ask for a Wi-Fi password – a virtual relationship is not for you.

If you are a creative person, start up from unpredictable situations, and the temporary “deprivation” of some areas of relations only kindles your ardor welcome to the dark side of digital love. You’ll like it.

Safe virtual sex

Praise heaven, Wirth is completely safe from the point of view of pregnancy and STDs, but there are pitfalls here too. By sending your photos or videos, you lose personal control over where they may be in the future. It cannot be ruled out that any sent image can be saved, displayed to third parties or published online without your knowledge. Therefore, always carefully monitor with whom you enter into this form of intimacy. Even if you trust a partner, there is nothing wrong if you want to use additional security measures (for example, refuse to show your naked body and face in one frame or refuse Skype sex in favor of telephone sex).