The Long Distance Sexual PracticesOctober 25, 2020November 5, 2020admin

The fact is that, if masturbation is a practice as old as the human being himself, virtual sex is something very recent and that many people never practiced. What is it about? Well, it consists of the exchange of messages, photos or videos of sexual and erotic content through instant messaging systems, social networks, email or other communication tools.

As these activities involve fairly new technologies, it is the younger people who are most familiar with virtual sex. A review of studies, with data from more than 110,000 people with an average age of fifteen, found that almost 15% had sent and more than 27% had received some material of a sexual nature. For this reason, the risks of sexting are often talked about, since children and adolescents constitute the population most vulnerable to harassment, extortion and abuse derived from this practice. However, in times of quarantine, what stand out are, above all, its virtues and benefits.

The benefits of virtual sex

The negative of virtual sex compared to face-to-face is evident: the senses of touch, smell and taste are left out of the interaction with the other person. But, contrary to what you might think, it is not reduced to a poor imitation of real sex, but has its own advantages. Many people include certain tools in online relationships that can activate fantasy or eroticism and that sometimes do not form part of the sexual relationship in person.

The word is very important, and in person sex is often reduced or diminished. On the other hand, in virtual sex, it acquires a fundamental importance. In fact, it can be without an image, only by telephone. The words chosen, the tone, the intention with which they are said, how the other person receives them, the ‘feedback’ that is produced. All of this is the key. ¬†You can go for the live cam girls free now.

Closely related to the word, there is also the fact that in virtual sex you allow yourself to make instructions, and have they made, much more easily than when you are with the other person in person. Therefore, adds the specialist, you can have an innovation bonus more often than if they are live relationships.

This suppression of feelings is especially evident in cases where the woman herself has to evaluate her condition, which has been the case in previous research. It is important that female sexuality is not further stigmatized in society. This is the only way to achieve that women will be more confident in the issue of sex, and thus also more satisfied.