The Best Sex Drive Options for the CasanovasSeptember 30, 2020October 2, 2020admin

Hate the taste of seafood? Don’t even try it, it’s not worth it. If you remember Casanova, who took about fifty a day to increase his virility and sexual stamina, ignore him. This animal is supposed to be rich in zinc and is essential for testosterone production. However, research has failed to link mollusks to an increased sex drive. Any positive difference that you personally experience may be due to another reason: the placebo effect. Chocolate. The sweet obtained from cocoa has always been considered an aphrodisiac, but the truth is that its properties to increase sexual desire are practically non-existent.

Chocolate contains components that raise the level of serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter believed to be linked to increased libido. Now, the investigations that have been carried out comparing the people who drink chocolate and those who do not and have not found any difference in the sexual performance of both groups. It is estimated that 12% of women throughout their lives may have some type of sexual dysfunction when they compared people who did and did not eat this food, there was no difference. But don’t throw away your tablets just yet: there is evidence that it has other benefits such as improving heart health and increasing memory. Choosing the The Last of Us 3D porn is the best in this case,

Wild yam

This plant contains a chemical, diosgenin, which is used in laboratories to synthesize various steroids, such as estrogen. In the world of alternative medicine, it is used to relieve menopausal symptoms and increase sexual desire. However, no studies have proven this to occur.

The deep rear

Both are lying ‘on the plank’ and face down. The man is on top and enters the woman from behind. It is a position that, if she brings her legs together and raises her pelvis, will impact her G-spot. It is extremely pleasant, especially for men who like to dominate in bed and for women who want to be submissive.

The juicer

The juicer is betting on the winning horse. As we see in the image, it is similar to the previous one but in this one they are both more upright. The angle should be sought so that she feels that the G-spot is being stimulated. This position is also very pleasant for them, since they feel more pressure on the penis.

The playful puppy

Finally, we bring you the playful puppy. It is that of the conventional puppy but in a position that encourages the penis to reach deeper into the vagina. Conquering that, when the woman is on all fours, the man must grab her hips and ‘pulls’ them up against him to make the penetration go deeper.